About Us

Our company focuses on buying, selling & managing online properties. We also develop and publish industry related content throughout various platforms on the world wide web. We are committed to providing an excellent client experience in domain sales, domain brokerage requests and website creation.

Meet The Team

Omar Negron
Omar Negron

CEO & Co-Founder Domain Sales & Acquisitions | Media Relations

Purchase, acquire and broker premium domain names. Manage domain inventory and distribute through proper channels.

Willox Perez
Willox Perez

CEO & Co-Founder Website Creation SEO/SEM Specialist

Develop manage and grow web assets. Continually optimize websites to create brand recognition through various SEO strategies.

Eileen Nunez
Eileen Nunez

Graphic Designer

Create stunning designs to capture a positive audience reaction. Professional utilization for marketing campaigns to increase user engagement.

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